16 Signs You’ve Been Single Forever

When you start doing these things, you know you’ve been single for a long-ass time.

  1. You actually have to buy comfy sweaters, since you have nobody to steal  them from.
  2. After many failed attempted, your arms finally become flexible enough to unzip your own dress.
  3. You start sleeping in actual pajamas instead of your partner’s old t-shirts.
  4. Going places alone becomes a preference, rather than something you dread.
  5. You stop compromising on things that a potential partner might not like (Dye your hair pink! Spend the money! Quit that job you hate! Get the tattoo! Sleep with whoever you want!)
  6. You start to really understand what you need in a partner, and become increasingly picky as a result.
  7. You develop more hobbies because you have so much extra time when you don’t have a relationship to maintain.
  8. You become a better friend because you have more attention to give others, and understand how it feels when friends ditch you for their partners or bring their boyfriend to girls’ night.
  9. You start to forget how to date or how to even be in a relationship.
  10. You stop apologizing for who you are: Either they take you 100% as you are, or you kick ‘em to the curb.
  11. You become more handy—you can hang your own damn picture frame, configure your own damn wifi, and fill your own damn windshield wiper fluid! …Or at least learn where to go for help.
  12. You look for opportunities more, because you’re in a place where you can take advantage for them without having to worry about accommodating somebody else.
  13. You lose all that comfort weight you gain in relationships
  14. Sleeping like a starfish across the entire bed is your new normal.
  15. You start watching really obscure shows on Netflix because you’ve already seen all the good ones—since it’s so much easier to binge-watch when you don’t have to wait your boyfriend to get home to watch the next episode of Stranger Things.
  16. You spend time doing things you really care about, instead of doing things for a partner out of obligation (no more being a +1 to awkward work events!)

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