Types of Sugar Daddies

Everyone wants to know what having a Sugar Daddy is like and how much money they give out. The truth is, there is no real answer for that because there are so many variables involved. While every Sugar Daddy dynamic is different, there are certain categories that they generally fall under.

I am going to break down the different types of Sugar Daddies using the following factors:
1. Level of Commitment
2. Forms of Sugar
3. Types of Men

Level of Commitment

I consider the level of commitment to be how much time, energy, and exclusivity is expected by the Sugar Daddy.

SHORT-TERM Sugar Daddies require the lowest level of commitment because they almost never expect any level of exclusivity. “Short term” can be anything from one date, to multiple dates in a short period of time (ex. teaching a class at a local university for one 4-month semester), or even a casual arrangement where they are only around occasionally (ex. comes to town once per month for business). The good thing about short term arrangements is that you are generally paid immediately, usually in cash. Short-term also usually means that they are in a good position to host (either living alone or in a hotel) so you don’t have to worry about giving them your address or being at their house when their wife comes home. That’s the downside of short-term arrangements—it’s almost always because they are cheating. Essentially, short-term Sugar Daddies require less from you, but then you also get less from them. Ideal for people who can support themselves, but want more luxuries.

LONG-TERM Sugar Daddies expect a much larger range of commitment from their Sugar Babies. The expected level of exclusivity ranges from not exclusive at all, to only having one Sugar Daddy, to complete monogamy (not dating in your personal life). Finding a long-term Sugar Daddy is similar to looking for a long-term boyfriend—you have to go on first dates with a bunch of potential guys before you find someone whose expectations and preferences align with yours. Some long-term arrangements last just a few months before they dissolve, but others can last years: it all depends on the evolving needs of the people involved. The time commitment also varies from one weekly meeting, to whenever they call you, to whenever their wife is out of town. Depending on how regularly you see them, the type and value of the benefits you receive will be different (more on that in the next section). You should never put yourself in a position where you feel like you cannot end things with your Sugar Daddy because you rely on his financial support.

Forms of Sugar

There are two main factors in the form of sugar you receive: what and when.

Generally, Sugar Daddies gift their Sugar Babies with cash, financial support, luxuries, or trinkets.
These things are normally given out immediately on a per-date basis, as a lump sum for a certain period of time, or on a whim.


Cash is the norm in short-term arrangements where the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby negotiate an amount ahead of time (ex. $300 for about 3 hours of dinner, drinks, and time in his hotel room). It is also common for long-term Sugar Daddies to offer something like a monthly stipend in exchange for a certain amount of attention (ex. $2000/month to see him weekly and talk to him regularly). This is generally the most desired commodity for Sugar Babies because you can use the money for whatever you want. However, this is not usually the preference of Sugar Daddies because they want to feel like they are giving you presents and not paying you.

Financial Support often comes in the form of bill payments, loan repayment, or otherwise covering daily life expenses. I do not have any personal experience with this type of sugar, but I know people who do. This type of sugar is usually a part of long-term Sugar Daddy relationships. It allows them to feel like they are generously helping you, and allows you to use your money for things that are more fun than bills. Common financial support given to Sugar Babies includes: paying phone bills, helping with tuition/student loans payments, or rent/living expenses. Financial support is typically offered after several dates to ensure that the relationship is actually going to last; however, most Sugar Daddies willing to provide this form of sugar write it in their online profiles.

Luxuries are things outside of daily living essentials that you want but maybe can’t afford. This usually includes things that you can classify as either something he is treating you to or something that you can frame as something that benefits him. For example, a treat would be if the Sugar Daddy pays for a spa day or a massage for his Sugar Baby because she has been stressed lately and he wants to feel like he is taking care of her. Conversely, if the Sugar Baby says she wants to get her hair done or a gym membership, she is asking for things that can be viewed as wanting to improve her appearance to make her Sugar Daddy happy.

Trinkets are any gift he gets you. I think it’s a good idea to make a list of things you want and try to work those things into conversation. Things like jewellery, lingerie, and new clothes are common gifts that men give women, so they are a natural place to start. However, when you connect things to your relationship or life goals, it makes it way more likely for them to want to provide it to you. For example, if your cellphone is out-of-date, you can hint that it would be much easier for you to communicate with him if you had a new one. Or if you are a student, you can lament the need for a fast laptop for class.  If there’s a hobby you want to start or are passionate about, your enthusiasm may spur him to gift you with a new camera for your interest in photography or new sneakers so you can sign up for volleyball. Trinkets often replace any cash or other forms of sugar that a Sugar Baby would receive, and are ideal for people with secure financial situations.


PER DATE payments are great because you get your sugar immediately. This is usually done in cash and is most common for short-term arrangements or for when an amount is decided upon in advance. However, this method is also used when long-term Sugar Daddies bring gifts to every date. The value of the sugar given on a per-date basis can vary based on the amount of time or activity expected on the date. For instance, if the Sugar Daddy wants to go to dinner, then for drinks, then back to their hotel room for sex, they will likely give you more sugar than if they only want to meet for lunch or take pictures of your hands (it’s happened).

ALLOWANCES are arranged with long-term Sugar Daddies because they are given out at specific intervals. Usually, this means a monthly cash amount meant to help pay for the Sugar Babies life expenses. While this is often the most lucrative form of sugaring, it also comes with the highest level of commitment. It’s practically like being a salaried girlfriend, so you are supposed to answer calls and texts regularly and a certain level of exclusivity may be expected. Sugar Daddies that prefer these types of arrangements are usually pretty up front about it, and tend to either write it in their profile or offer it during your initial communications.

VARIABLE sugar is the least ideal scenario because it basically means that you never know what you are going to get. This situation usually arises when you ask for gifts of vastly different values. For example, if a Sugar Daddy usually brings you clothes and spa certificates every date, but then gets you a laptop for school, you might not get anything for a few dates after that because it was so expensive.

Types of Men

Men who want to be Sugar Daddies are thriving financially but lacking sex, companionship, or a social life. Because of this, the types of men you find seeking Sugar Babies tend to fall under the following categories: cheaters, wannabe playboys, lonely workaholics, and fetish fantasizers.

CHEATERS are mainly interested in sex. You can pick them out from a mile away because their profiles almost always have blurred/obscured pictures and the word “discrete” in them. They are also bored with their wives, so they express a desire for so-called “interesting” women—they want you to fulfill their fantasy of a young, smart, beautiful, talented woman who is sexually attracted in them (not that their wives aren’t—just that they no longer appreciate their good qualities). They want to talk about world issues, their boring jobs, and anything else they don’t talk about with their wife. Then they want to fuck you. It is ideal to only date cheaters from out of town so that you never risk running into their wife and they always have a hotel room ready. If you morally object to cheating, be sure to ask upfront if a potential Sugar Daddy is married.

WANNABE PLAYBOYS are men who are single, rich, but are too old, awkward, or unattractive to draw in the types of girls they want to date. Not only do they want to date girls, they want girls to fawn over them. These guys really value being complimented—be prepared to laugh at all of their jokes, nod enthusiastically as they tell you about their bland life, and generally reassure them that they are the most interesting person you have ever met in your entire life. Wannabe playboys get off on being seen with arm candy, therefore they are more likely to want to take you out and show you off in public places. In fact, this may be all they want from you.

LONELY WORKAHOLICS are men who are generally younger than the average Sugar Daddy (maybe 30s) who spend so much time and energy on their job, that they do not have any left to devote to dating. Finding someone to date the traditional way requires finding mutual attraction, coordinating schedules, picking a venue, and actively wooing her. Even if a date happens and goes well, there is still a low chance it will end in sex. This is why lonely workaholics turn to sugaring as a way to spend time with fun, pretty, interesting women who will work around their availability, give them their undivided attention, and be much more likely to sleep with them. Chronically lonely workaholics sometimes travel often for business, so they have multiple Sugar Babies (one in each place that they go to often). They are also often either really needy (text constantly, want multiple dates per week, etc.) or fall off the grid entirely for large chunks of time when they are working on big projects.

FETISH FANTASIZERS are men who are really into fetishes that are not generally shared by the average woman. These can range from letting him paint your nails or take pictures of your feet, to walking on his back in high heels, to anal, to golden showers, to intense BDSM. Sugar Daddies looking for anything this specific are usually very upfront about it (asking you in the first or second message if you are willing to participate). If this is stuff that you enjoy or don’t mind, they are often a lot more generous than other types of Sugar Daddies. Getting presents for letting someone massage your feet is pretty low effort if it doesn’t weird you out.

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