Everywhere Should Be Like a Bathroom Full of Drunk Girls

The most positive environment is the girls’ bathroom at bar/club/wedding where everyone is drunk. I’ve never seen a group of people more fiercely friendly than that. So here are a bunch of reasons why everywhere should be like a bathroom full of drunk girls.

Drunk girls are full of compliments.
“I love your dress!”, “You’re gorgeous!”, “I’m so jealous of your hair!”—Can you imagine if everyone complimented each other like this on a daily basis?

All the help and support you need is provided.
Do you need someone to hold your hair while you throw up? Did someone spill a drink on you? Do you want someone to console you while you cry about your ex? Drunk girls are always ready to help—and the rest of the world should be too!

Absolute honesty.
If your hair is a mess, or your make-up is smudged, you know a drunk will tell you in the bathroom (and help you fix it)! We should be this honest all the time—then you’d never have to worry about having spinach in your teeth all day.

Instant new friends.
Fact: In the first 60 seconds of entering, you’re already friends with 3 girls you’ve never met before.

There’s always someone to take pictures.
The best pictures of a night out are always taken in the bathroom!

Somebody always has emergency supplies.
Need a tampon? Some eyeliner? A hair elastic? You can find it there.

Great recommendations.
If you like the bar you’re at now, you’re gonna love the one Stacey was at last weekend. If only everyone you met had similar tastes to yours!

More the merrier.
There’s safety in numbers! Plus, nobody feels left out in a big group.

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