How to Build a Successful Sugar Baby Profile

After you’ve finally decided that sugaring is for you, it’s time to look for a Sugar Daddy! The best way to do this is to make an online dating profile. Except a Sugar Baby profile is a tad different than your average OKCupid one, so take a look at these tips if you need a little help.

Step 1: Join the right websites

The best websites that I have seen are:

  • Seeking Arrangements
  • Ashley Madison
  • Sudy [App]
  • Tinder [App}

Though these are pretty universal, there may be more popular ones for your specific area.

These sites are operate slightly differently, so it’s important to make sure that you are always communicating clearly and following the rules of whatever site you are on.

Always state right in your profile that you are looking for a Sugar Daddy, otherwise you are just attracting people who are going to waste your time. To be absolutely sure, you should reiterate this again once you start a conversation with someone—some people don’t read profiles.

Step 2: Pick a username

The username is always a little tricky because it’s often the first thing a potential Sugar Daddy will see when you message him. It also usually has to be something that nobody else has used already. Here are a few key things to remember when thinking of a username:

  • Don’t use your real name or any identifying information: name, birthday, pet’s name, school, job, etc. [i.e. Becky1994, Fluffy94]
  • Don’t try to sound sexy [i.e. sexkitten87, BJqueen9, pleasuregirl1]
  • Pick something cute that lets them know you’re a real person [i.e. soccergirl2, glitterfun3, puppycakes5]
  • Make it something you’ll remember (not too many numbers or extra things)
  • Don’t make it anything you’ve used before [not for an old email address or a twitter handle or a gaming tag or anything!)

Step 3: Add some pictures

The most important things to consider when selecting pictures are:

  • They need to be an honest representation of what you look like right now
  • No filters
  • Nothing too revealing (if you wouldn’t put it on facebook, it doesn’t belong on here!)
  • Be alone in your pictures
  • Pictures from events (like weddings) work well
  • Selfies are okay, but only a couple
  • Full body pictures are necessary
  • Make sure the background of your pictures is clear (no piles of dirty laundry or toilets behind you)
  • Avoid heavy make-up or anything that makes you look like you’re trying too hard
  • Don’t use any pictures that have been posted on social media because then they can be reverse-googled—which is a safety concern

Basically, you want to showcase cute pictures of yourself that are unfiltered and relatively modest.

However, some sites—Seeking Arrangements—let you set some pictures as public and some pictures as private. This means that you can put your cute pictures out on your public profile, but then put more scandalous images on your private profile where only men you give permission to can view them. Be careful with giving out permission though, some men just click the “ask for permission button” on everyone’s profiles just hoping for free nudes. Make sure you have at least some sort of contact with a guy before letting him see your private pictures. Some websites also let you put masks over your eyes to shield your identity (like on Snapchat), which is a good tool if you worried about confidentiality online.

Step 4: Fill out your information

All websites have a slightly different form to fill out with all of your information, but they generally all ask for your birthday, body type, occupation, and interests. It’s best to be as vague as possible while still being honest, because these things will inevitably come up in conversation. Never, ever lie in your profile, because when you meet up they will notice that you are not 10 years younger or 20lbs lighter than you said.

The harder part is figuring out what to write when they just give you an empty box. Here are some things to fill in when you’re unsure:

  • Talk about what you do in life (vaguely—student, waitress, teacher, just got back from travelling for a year, new in town, whatever!)
  • Talk about your goals (travelling, going back to school, starting a business, transitioning to a new career, having more time to spend with your dog, etc)
  • Share an interesting thing about yourself (hobby, passion, interest, anything)
  • Say exactly what you’re looking for
  • Always imply that you are new to being a Sugar Baby (regardless of if you are)
  • Proofread!!!




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