10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Yourself

When you’ve been single forever, Valentine’s Day becomes a bit of a drag. Why not spice it up a bit with some great presents for your single self?

Whether your single and ready to mingle, still lamenting your last breakup, or just a bitter cat lady (guilty!) this list will have something to make you smile this Valentine’s Day!

Bonus: Everything is available on Amazon so you will actually get it before Valentine’s Day.

  1. This mug will show everyone at the office how you feel about Valentine’s Day.

2.  This colouring book will help eliminate your single-on-Valentine’s-Day stress.

3.  This inflatable husband will be your date to any Valentine’s Day event.

4. Or, if you’re just feeling lonely at night, this pillow can help.

5. If you’re a different kind of lonely at night, you might need this.

6. If you just want to cook yourself a nice Valentine’s Day dinner, this book is for you.

7.  These knives will help you prepare your dinner for one AND defuse your commercialism-fueled Valentine’s Day rage.

8. There’s still time to find a date! Just get them to drink out of this cup. 

9.  You can always force you pet to be your valentine!10. But the best way to celebrate is by talking about all the scandalous things you do as a single women with all your friends. Happy couples rarely have juicy stories!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the single people out there!

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