How Sex Changes From the 1st Partner to the Last

Losing your virginity, to boinking a frat boy at a party, to going to Germany to party at it’s famous sex clubs – Your sex life definitely evolves!

The First Time

The first guy you have sex with is usually someone special to you. Maybe he was your first real boyfriend, maybe he was a long-time crush, maybe he was your neighbour. While people sometimes fuck a random person to get their first time over with, it is much more common for people to wait for a partner that makes them feel super comfortable and safe. Not to mention that the first time (for girls at least) is often painful and can lead to bleeding and discomfort for hours afterward. Therefore, it’s useful to have someone who cares about you around to help you through that difficulty. It doesn’t help that there are usually a lot of teenage hormones flowing at the time people tend to lose their virginities!


Partner #2

If your first time was with your first real boyfriend who you thought you were going to be with forever, then chances are your second partner was a rebound. It’s surprisingly easy to find a rebound with the invention of Tinder and general hook-up culture of 2018. Plus, you were probably used to having sex with your ex regularly, so this feels natural—right up until you get back to your apartment and cry for 3 hours because you realize it’s actual over. The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else though, right?


Lucky #3

The 3rd notch in your belt is likely from a new relationship. After your rebound, you realized that you missed sleeping with someone who actually knows what you like in bed and wants you to enjoy sex as much as they do. This results in you waiting awhile before sleeping with anyone else, and then ultimately picking up a new relationship or FWB so that you can get laid regularly. However, this one isn’t meant to last because you got into it a little too fast.

Everyone 4th through 10th

After the first 3, you’re basically a pro. You now have the experience to tell if you are just lonely and/or horny, or if you’re genuinely interested in another person. This leads you to make more informed decisions about who you date and who you sleep with. You’re probably able to sleep with the super hot guy on Tinder without developing feelings, while also being able to hold off on sex until the 3rd date with a person you really like. All of this puts you in regular range of sexual experience (not that any more or less is a bad thing!).

Expert Level: 20+ Partners

Once you’ve gotten to the point where you aren’t really sure how many people you’ve slept with (and don’t really care) you are officially at Expert Level. There are pros and cons to being this sexually liberated. For one, people can be very judgemental (including future partners). However, this wide range of experience has exposed you to many more styles and moves than most other people have experienced, so you are definitely awesome in bed! Additionally, people at this level are much more likely to try kinky activities like sex clubs, BDSM, and threesome. This may make it seem impossible for you to settle down with just one person—but when you do, you’ll definitely rock their world.

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